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Intuitive Tarot & Palm

What message does the Universe have for you?

Tarot is a tool to connect with your subconscious where all answers can be found. It helps us to better understand ourselves, illuminate what is hidden or slap you with some serious reality. Whatever you need to hear, my cards are never wrong.

I generally read intuitively and continuously. I start with a shuffle and the first card. More cards may follow as our conversation evolves and more questions arise. Your Palms can show us the bigger picture of your life, health, energy levels, personality and so much more.

We'll chat based on your readings and I'm happy to answer any questions or provide any guidance as needed. I am here to support you on your journey.

Please reach out for more information

Special Events

I am happy to provide tarot readings to guests at your next event. Please reach out to me for a personalized quote

Personal Readings

Let's have a conversation with the cards and the Universe

Special Events



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I'm here to help. Please feel free to reach out.