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Great to wear together or used as couple bracelets. If you’d like each a different size please send me a message, that’s no problem!


White Bracelet: Howlite, White Lace Agate, Grey Picture Jasper, Silver Lava Stone


White Lace Agate – Chakras: Heart, Crown - Properties: Calm, grounding, live in present, happiness, laughter and joy, releases stress, worries and fears, protection, love, harmony, wealth, good luck, immune system, allergies


Picture Jasper – Chakras: Filters all chakras - Properties: Find your path, inner silence, memories, grounding, comfort, dispel fear, harmony, space in your mind, remove negativity, remove sadness, absorbs stress, nature connection, ecological awareness, relaxation, contentment, nurturing, tranquility, healing, completion


Lava Stone – Chakras: Root - Properties: Grounding, negative energy absorber, healing, dispels guilt and resentment


Howlite – Chakras: Third Eye, Crown - Properties: calm, patience, stress and rage relief, emotional balance, creativity, memory, knowledge, inspiration, artistic expression, insomnia aid, aids bone and soft tissue health and balances calcium levels


Black Bracelet: Black Line Jasper, Lava Stone, Black Onyx


Lava Stone – Chakras: Root - Properties: Grounding, negative energy absorber, healing, dispels guilt and resentment


Black Onyx – Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, And Third Eye – Properties: Protection, grounding, inner strength, confidence, decision making, self-control, dispels fears and worries, balances energies, focus, meditation, transmutes negative energies into positive, strength recovery after injury or illness


Black Line Jasper -  Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root – Properties: Happiness, joy, peace, tranquility, comfort, universe connection, protective energy, intuition, stabilize aura, joy, compassion, kindness aid with gallbladder, liver and stomach health


Tree of Life – Symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things and our unique life journey


Individually handmade with Love and Light by Breanna


Order Includes bracelet in drawstring bag and card with stone information - Sometimes a surprise or two!


Thank you for supporting us and choosing local and handmade!


*As with any natural materials, some small imperfections in the stones may be present and beads may vary, this truly makes your bracelet one of a kind!*

Quiet Mind and Happiness Combo

C$60.00 Regular Price
C$50.00Sale Price
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