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Hematite – Chakras: Root - Properties: grounding, manifestation, abundance, sense of self, spiritual connection, blood health and protects from toxicity


Moonstone – Chakras: Third Eye and Crown – Properties: Connection to goddess, Divine Feminine energy, self-discovery, intuition, mystery, insight, dreams, calmness, patience, tranquility, aids past life regressions, aids in regulating menstrual cycles


White Lace Agate – Chakras: Heart, Crown - Properties: Calm, grounding, live in present, happiness, laughter and joy, releases stress, worries and fears, protection, love, harmony, wealth, good luck


Tree of Life – Symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things and our unique life journey


Individually handmade with Love and Light by Breanna


Order Includes bracelet in drawstring bag and card with stone information - Sometimes a surprise or two!


Thank you for supporting us and choosing local and handmade!


*As with any natural materials, some small imperfections in the stones may be present and beads may vary, this truly makes your bracelet one of a kind!*

Moonstone, White Lace Agate and Rose Gold Hematite

C$39.99 Regular Price
C$29.99Sale Price
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